Optimize Your Tech Stack


Proper set up and integration of your marketing and sales tech stack is essential to get the visibility your business needs to grow.

Platform adoption and data integrity are important components in getting the most out of your tech stack investment. For instance, if Salesforce and your marketing automation platform (Marketo, Pardot, etc.) are not set up properly or are not fully integrated, usage will decline and data will not flow through properly, leading to misinformed decision making.

At Integrous, we understand the value of having marketing and sales platforms that are configured properly. They are the foundation of the reports that fuel many of your marketing and sales investments and optimizations.

Platform Adoption

Today’s marketing and sales platforms are designed to improve processes and data collection. Unfortunately, each platform approaches this solution differently. Our team knows the nuances of each major platform and has experience optimizing their set up to ensure they are functioning properly. This leads to greater adoption and increased efficiency from your teams.

Data Integrity

Because there isn’t just one platform that meets the needs of all your teams, you have to adopt numerous platforms to build the solution you need. If these platforms are not optimally configured and integrated, data fails to pass through and between them properly, making it less reliable. You may have a lot of data at your fingertips yet are unsure as to whether it can be trusted. Our team will align the integration of your platforms to ensure data flows properly and is maintained throughout the entire buyer’s journey, giving you data and insights you can rely on to make crucial business decisions.

Process Integration

Not only do you need to make sure your human processes and technology platforms are aligned from a data flow perspective, you also need to guarantee the business processes you’ve designed are achievable with the platforms you have. We will work with you to define and optimize your processes and we’ll ensure your platforms are configured to support those processes efficiently.

Full Tech Stack Integration

We can support your tech stack in various ways depending on your specific needs.

Platform Install

Full set up and install of a new Marketing Automation or CRM platform

Platform Integration

Ensure your marketing automation and CRM platforms are aligned

Lead Scoring & Routing

Set up efficient and accurate processes for your sales team

Process Consulting

Optimize the human and technical processes to accurately measure your business

Tech Stack Assessment

Thorough review of current state with opportunities for improvement

Database Cleanup

Streamline your existing database to reduce frustration and platform costs

Advanced Business Analytics

We focus on properly configuring and integrating your tech stack specifically to provide the right data and processes to fuel our advanced data and analytics services.

Still Curious?

We’d love to hear more about the challenges you are facing today. We’ll be honest in whether we think we can help.