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Effective demand generation is founded on accurate measurement and analysis of what drives revenue for your business.

Integrous knows that effective demand generation is founded on accurate measurement and analysis of what drives revenue for your business – and what doesn’t. Our closed-loop measurement system is the secret sauce in turbocharging your marketing performance.

How do we do it? Our time-tested, best-in-class marketing measurement approach is founded on three key beliefs and a history of results.

Revenue Impact Matters

Lead-based businesses demand more insight than what is provided by standard web analytics platforms like Google Analytics. To see how your marketing impacts revenue, you must be able measure your leads through the entire sales funnel.

Choosing the Right Metrics is Key

While return on ad spend (ROAS) is an ideal key performance indicator (KPI) for inbound paid demand generation, it simply isn’t the right measurement for all of your marketing activities. You need to be able to track all aspects of your marketing initiatives with metrics that are relevant to the purpose of that activity, with actionable KPIs such as:

  • Lead Nurture: Conversion rate and time to sale
  • ABM: Increased engagement metrics and opp creation with key accounts
  • Existing customer promotions: Customer add-on rate and life-time value

Visualizing Data

Smart business decisions depend on data that is complete, easy to access, and properly presented for analysis. It’s crucial for lead-based businesses to link and merge their systems to see their complete sales story, including:

  • Spend and response data from media platforms
  • Engagement and conversion data from web analytics
  • Email interaction data from marketing automation platforms
  • Sales performance data from a CRM

Marketing Analytics Services

Delivering actionable data to our clients (and our team) to improve Marketing ROI.

Closed-Loop Reporting

Truly measure sales & marketing performance with our proprietary system

Data Aggregation

Collect, integrate and cleanse all data to build full performance views

Reporting Dashboards

Customizable data visualization in a robust BI tool

Goal Setting and Modeling

Set realistic forecasts with a bottom-up approach

Tableau Development

Certified Tableau developers to build the views you need

Performance Trending

Time over time analysis to identify key insights

Lead/Opp/Sale Attribution

Define the source of every lead, opportunity and sale for your business

Role-Based Dashboards

The right views to make informed decisions for each level of your (and our) team

Sophisticated Demand Generation

Our data and analytics services are the foundation for our demand generation services that have been specifically developed to generate more revenue for our clients.

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