Engage Customers and Prospects


Build a strong relationship with existing customers and increase engagement with potential prospects.

An important element of an effective demand gen strategy is leveraging email marketing to keep prospects engaged prior to sales outreach and to reactivate leads who have fallen out of the sales process. Email marketing is also an effective way to increase customer retention and improve LTV through cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

We have experience with many premiere marketing automation platforms and can make sure your prospects’ journeys are smooth through the entire sales funnel and beyond.

Platform Set Up & Integration

Whether you have an existing email platform you’re happy with or you’re currently searching for the right one, we can ensure the platform is set up correctly based on your needs and integrated appropriately with your CRM and the rest of your tech stack. Our experience and services include the creation of web forms, field sync settings and lead routing.

Email Strategy & Campaign Development

Our team is dedicated to understanding your key audiences and identifying opportunities to provide the most relevant information based on their role and where they are in the buyer’s journey. This extends to extensive nurture builds as well as one-off opportunities to inform customers of a new product feature or to engage leads who have grown dormant. We also make sure you have the right sending cadence so you don’t annoy your prospects with over-emailing, and your deliverability stays close to 100%.

Post-Launch Optimization

Once an email campaign has been launched it’s important to monitor performance and make optimizations to maximize return from this tactic. Consistently testing key elements of your email programs including subject line, imagery, CTAs and time of day or day of week can lead to increased engagement and improve email performance over time. We also have experience with helping organizations build extensive email reporting dashboards. That way, you can better visualize the progress you’re already making, and enhance your decision making.

Email Marketing Support

Our level of support ranges from full platform installation to individual blast management.

Platform Set Up

Ensure the right platform is in place and set up for success

Email Reporting

Customized reporting views to highlight impact from email

Deliverability Improvement

Identify opportunities to reach more inboxes

Blast Management

Ongoing email blast support

Nurture Strategy

Align with key audiences and buying stages to maximize engagement

Audience Segmentation

Thorough process for building relevant list segments

Advanced Business Analytics

Our email strategy and optimizations are driven by a foundation of data and analytics services that we offer to businesses of all sizes.

Still Curious?

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